What was one negative consequence of laws and policies that manage the Colorado River?

Nearly all plant and animal life near the river has died off.

Federal investment in the Southwest has ceased.

Some parts of the river region have gone dry.

Farms receive less irrigation water than before.

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  1. And your answer is?


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  2. Reed, they want an answer, they dont want to understand it, that's why they go on this site.

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  3. This site, almost gave me a virus, thanks for that, wont be using again, have a fun and depressing life :D

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  4. Why didn't anyone give the answer ?????????

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  5. this is deppressing
    time to get in bed and cry for three days again

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  6. man screw these guys i need the answer too

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  7. Someone answer what the heck!

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  8. I believe the answer is the first one “Nearly all plant and animal life near the river has died off.”

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