Algebra 2

Q: What is the value of b in the equation 4^2b-3 = 8^1-b?

My Work/Answer:
Set each sides base to 2
2^2(2b-3) = 2^3(1-b)
cancelled bases out
solved for b
my answer - 9/7

Is my work and answer correct

Thank You

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asked by Bryan
  1. Make sure you include brackets in your solution, at first look your equation made little sense.

    4^(2b-3) = 8^(1-b)
    (2^2)^(2b-3) = (2^3)^(1-b)
    = 2^(4b-6) = 2^(3-3b)
    4b-6 = 3-3b
    7b = 9
    b = 9/7

    how did you get -9/7 ??

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    posted by Reiny
  2. i got 9/7 the - was just to signify what it was sorry about the confusion. I should have put an equals sign

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    posted by Bryan

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