U.S. History (Check, Please!)(REED)

1. How did religion play a part in the 1928 presidential election?

A: Religion played a massive part in the 1928 presidential election. Because Democratic candidate Alfred Smith was a practicing Roman Catholic, many Protestants believed that the Catholic Church had financed the Democratic Party and would govern the United States if Smith was elected president. This seriously damaged Smith's candidacy, leading Americans to vote for Republican candidate Herbert Hoover instead. As a result, Hoover won the presidency in a landslide.

2. Why did many investors buy stocks on speculation in the late 1920’s?

A: Many investors bought stocks on speculation in the late 1920’s because, given the flourishing economy at the time, they bet that no matter which companies or goods in which they invested, the U.S. stock market would continue to climb, thus enabling them to make money quickly.

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  1. What's the problem?

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  2. There's no problem. I am asking Reed to check my answers for accurateness.

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  3. Your answers are good, Victoria. The last line in your answer about Smith and Hoover is an exaggeration, though. Smith's Catholicism was not the only reason Hoover won by a landslide, although it was certainly one of the reasons.

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