Which statment explains why Britain became a part of the Roman Empire much later than nearby Gaul?
A. Mountains near the coast of Gaul were an obstacle.
B. Rome was not interested in local resources from Britain.
C. Fierce tribes in Britain held off Roman soldiers for many years.
D. The channel of water between Britain and Gaul was an obstacle.
I think that it is D.

Greece and Italy were neighbors across a narrow sea. How did the location of Greece affect the development of Roman Society?
A. Romans borrowed much from Greek culture.
B. Romans fought the Punic wars to defend against Greek invasions.
C. Romans built roads in order to transport trade goods to Greece.
D. Romans developed advanced ships to cross the Black sea.
I think that it is either C or A.

How did distance from Rome likely affect people in the Roman Empire?
A. Rome had less political control over people in distant provinces.
B. Rome sent better goods and supplies to it's far territories.
C. People further from Rome had lower social status.
D. People closer to Rome were more likely to hold political power.
I think that it is D.

Which of these is true of the century following the Pax Romana?
A. The government was stable, and emperors reigns were long.
B. Power struggles led to the murder of many emperors.
C. The Roman military kept the empires borders secure.
D. Four leaders divided up the territories of the Roman Empire.
I think that it is A or C.

Which of the following describes how Marcus Aurelius affected the Roman Empire?
A. He demonstrated tolerance towards all religions.
B. He built many roads and waterways.
C. He gave land to soldiers who fought for Rome.
D. He persecuted thousands of Christians.
I think that it is C.

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  1. 1. D - yes
    2. Which is it?
    3. D - no
    4. Which is it?
    5. C - yes

  2. Thank you! So for 2: A
    3: I truly don't know
    4: A

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  3. 2. A - yes
    4. A - no

    3 is A.

  4. Thank you so much! I am sure that 4 is D because I do not think that it is B.

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  5. You're welcome.

  6. Thx MS. SUE

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