Social Studies

How did improvements in transportation, communication, farming, and manufacturing affect the economy of the North? Break down your answer by providing an example of advancement in each of the four areas. Then discuss how that improvement led to changes in the North’s economy. (5 points)

Summarize how working conditions in industries changed. In your response, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of working in a factory in the North. What similar experiences did women, African Americans, and immigrants face in industries? (5 points)

Why did the economy of the South rely on agriculture? Describe the barriers to creating industry in the South including lack of capital, lack of a market for goods, lack of transportation and negative attitudes towards manufacturing. Predict how the outlawing of slavery would have affected the South’s economy. (5 points)

President Andrew Jackson promised “equal protection and equal benefits” for all Americans. Decide whether President Jackson included Native Americans in his promise. Break down your response by providing reasons supporting your decision. (5 points)

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  1. How can we help you with these questions?

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