Alice earns 1.5 times her hourly rate for each hour she works after 40 hours in a week. She worked 50 hours this week and earned $660. What is her normal hourly rate?

I know her average rate is $13.20, but I know that's not what I need to find and I don'tunderstand how to get the answer. Can I just get a formula on how to do this, and I can do the rest. Thank you.

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  1. Nevermind, sorry I figured it out.
    40x + 10(1.5x)=660
    40x + 15x=660
    Then divide both by 55 to get x by itself and the answer which is 12.
    So the hourly rate is $12.

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  2. Hey! Not expecting you to answer, knowing that you have made this 4 YEARS AGO, but just curious? Why did you use 40x AND 1.5x? I'm confused! Help?!

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  3. oops I meant 3 years ago. Now I know why I couldn't solve this!! Yikes

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