social studies

which two groups played a major role in shaping roman civilization?

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asked by keykat
  1. Greeks and Etruscans

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. Read all about it! Your text materials are a good source of information. This should help, too:

    posted by Reed
  3. pooop

    posted by poop
  4. jygfgvhbj

    posted by dd
  5. is this for connections academy or something else

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  6. that is my question

    posted by anonymous
  7. but there no way that it is creek entuckers only

    enturs creek and others

    posted by Bob._.Hello>->
  8. Etruscans and Greeks

    posted by Hi
  9. I Only Use Jishka When My Grades Are Low So Please Dont Put Fake Asnwers

    posted by Timmy
  10. Hello everyone. These are the answers.
    I made a 100%

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  11. hmmm..

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  12. Yep @Whatever is correct. also I meant to put my name when I said "Hmmm.."

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  13. Thx whatever

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  14. thanks "Whatever"

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  15. Eyup. For all connexus students, Whatever is 100% correct.

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  16. Thank you Whatever

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  17. The answers are
    I GOT A 100% TRUST ME IT WORKS....!!ALSO THIS IS FOR THE 6TH GRADE/ROMES BEGINNINGS Social Studies...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    posted by IMA STUDENT

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