Math assistance needed


I do know that (t^2-t-56) can be factored out to (t-8)(t+7)
so I have the equation as (t+24/(t-8)(t+7) +7(t+7)/(t-8)(t+7)-3(x-8)/(t-8)(t+7)
is this correct ot what am I doing wrong?

I don't understand the rest

so multipy both sides by


(t-24) + 7(t+7)=3(t-8)
solve for t.
The choices are:

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asked by Shawn
  1. One of them is correct.

  2. a.)-97/5 is the answer I get is that correct?

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    posted by Shawn
  3. Well you had an error in your last equation, which should read
    (t+24) + 7(t+7) = 3(t-8)
    which becomes
    5t = -97
    so your answer is correct anyway. You made two cancelling mistakes, or a typing error.

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    posted by drwls
  4. Thank You. I understand.

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    posted by Shawn

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