Social studies

Over time artwork has the potential to reach a wide variety of audiences. Which is the most accurate definition of audience?

A group of people listening to music.

Physical evidence of a culture.

A group of people with specific beliefs and practices. (This one or D)

The people for whom a work of art is intended

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  1. No, neither C nor D. You've made two guesses. Look up the word "audience". You're on your own now.

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  2. D is the best answer, but it is a weak answer. Did roman designers and sculptors really intend for generations to see it? were the Grecian Urns made in Crete in 500BC really intended for people for the next 2000 years?

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  3. Ok then it has to be A because B is footprints, fingerprints, and materials.

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  4. I agree with bobpursley. The best answer is D.

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    Ms. Sue
  5. Not to offend you LOVE, but you know that this was art, right? If for some reason it was on Social Studies, OK. However, I am on my Art Test, and this is a question on it.

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  6. 1.D
    10.C Connexus quiz lesson 6 unit 3

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  7. Wait a minute these are the right answers sorry I was looking at the wrong answers.

    10.c This will get you a 100% I just took the quiz sorry about the answers before!!!

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  8. are these the right answers to connexus art lesson 6 unit 3?

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  9. Aron is 100% correct I just took the assessment!

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  10. omg aron is right

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  11. Ah, not so fast. I used @Aron's answers and I got 8/10. For 10/10 answers ((CONNEXUS I don't want any other student from a different place to get em wrong))
    1: D
    2: A
    3: D
    4: C
    5: B
    6: C
    7: A
    8: B
    9: D
    10: C
    For Connexus Art 'The World of Art' quiz. I never give out wrong answers, for someone else may need the help ((and it's childish)). You're welcome, Connexus friends!

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  12. Also why is this put in the SS category? It's obviously art lol

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  13. aron is right

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  14. aron correct

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  15. Aron is right!!!! Thankyou!!! I was having a tough time on this quiz and you helped me!!! 100%

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  16. I looked at @Vixen-Connexus answers and I got a 9/10, here are the correct ones, I am 100% sure, I swear!

    1. D
    2. A
    3. C
    4. D
    5. B
    6. C
    7. A
    8. B
    9. D
    10. C

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  17. are the answers for the Complex Contexts OCA quiz

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  18. Ann is correct; unless you go to a different school or something

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  19. Ann is correct. 100%

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  20. Hey! Don’t curse!

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