1. The skeletal system is created to ____________ internal organs.

A) protect <-------------------
B) maintain
C) support
D) hide

2. Your elbow and knee are examples of

A) ligaments.
B) joints. <--------------------
C) cartilage.
D) angles.

3. The muscular system allows our bones to

A) strengthen.
B) contract.
C) lengthen.
D) move. <---------------------

4. This muscle helps to transport blood to and from the heart.

A) smooth muscle <----------------
B) cardiac muscle
C) skeletal muscle
D) involuntary muscle

5. The blood vessels that return blood to the heart from the rest of the body are

A) capillaries.
B) veins. <----------------------
C) arteries.
D) valves.

6. It is the middle of the winter and like everyone else you have caught a cold, your body relies
on your ___________ to help boost your immune system.

A) plasma
B) red blood cells
C) white blood cells <-------------
D) platelets

7. During the exchange of air in your lungs, your body seeks to keep oxygen and release
______________ which will then exit your body

A) microorganisms
B) carbon dioxide <---------------
C) plasma
D) mucus

8. It is important that you maintain a healthy weight both for your overall health and so that your
respiratory system can

A)deliver oxygen more adequately. <-----------

B) pump blood more forcefully from the heart.

C) keep capillaries constricted.

D) allow for smaller amounts of air to enter your lungs.

9. If you touch a pot that just came off the stove and it is hot, your body sends ______ to the
brain so that you move your hand.

A) neurons
B) impulses <----------------------
C) dendrites
D) synapse

10. When you are walking, you rely on this part of your brain to keep you balanced and your
muscles moving.

A) cerebrum
B) cerebellum <--------------------
C) brain stem
D) frontal lobe

11. After neglecting to look before diving into the pond, your friend hits his head on a rock and
disrupts his _________________ causing him to be paralyzed from his waist down.

A) cardiovascular system
B) circulatory system <-------------
C) nervous system
D) endocrine system

12. The main process of excretion takes place in the

A) stomach.
B) kidneys. <----------------------
C) small intestine.
D) liver.

13. Choosing to eat green vegetables rather than extra macaroni and cheese is a great way to keep
the digestive system moving because green vegetables are full of

A) fat.
B) protein.
C) fiber. <-------------------------
D) carbohydrates.

14.The primary location for digestion to occur is in the stomach.

false <--------------------------

15The endocrine system only regulates short­term changes in the body.

true <----------------------------

16. When you wake up and a large pimple greets you when you look into the mirror, this
endocrine gland is to blame.

A) thymus gland
B) reproductive gland
C) thyroid gland <------------------
D) pancreas

17. During puberty, you may find yourself on a roller coaster, one minute you feel like crying and
the next minute you are on top of the world. This could signify that you’re suffering from a

A) hormonal imbalance. <------------
B) hormonal surge.
C) hormonal shortage.
D) hormonal discrepancy.

18.The testes and sperm are located within the scrotum which is located on the outside of the
male body to regulate a temperature adequate for sperm production.

true <----------------------------

19. A function of the female reproductive system is to provide a nourishing environment in which
a fertilized ________ can develop into an embryo.

egg <-----------------------------

20. A couple enters the doctor’s office and expresses concern that they are having difficulties
becoming pregnant. The doctor may find that one or both individuals are suffering from

an ovarian cyst.
testicular cancer.

21. You can perform ________ at home which can help to detect reproductive problems early and
allow you to seek the appropriate medical attention

A) self­exams <---------------------
B) exercise
C) sexual activity
D) ovulation

asked by Jake
  1. wtf? trying to cheat?

    posted by Martin1162
  2. Which of these are you uncertain about? I can see that #4 and #11 are wrong, but am not going to read all 20 of them.

    posted by Reed
  3. woah woah woah...chill... i just need someone to check my answers...

    posted by Jake
  4. just a check would be nice, you don't have to tell me the answers

    posted by Jake
  5. Okay, 4 and 11, 14, are wrong. I don't know about 10 and 16. The others appear to be correct.

    posted by Reed
  6. thanks

    posted by Jake
  7. Most are right but here are the answers to the wrong ones
    Your welcome :)

    posted by baby girl mayy :)
  8. Hey! I am here to help, haha :). I just took this text, so why not help anyone who needs help. Although everyone must remember this website is NOT for cheating. It is to find some help in checking your answers or help with some questions! Okay so here we are:

    16. not sure, sorry!

    I promise you, these are the correct answers as I myself recently took this quiz, but sadly I missed one question, #16, otherwise I hope this helped! Have a wonderful day, loves!

    posted by Trinity
  9. She's right! and number 16 is B) reproductive gland

    posted by MsHemmoPenguin
  10. Gotta say #16 is a hard question. I've seen many peeps debate whether it is A, B, or C

    We can rule out A in fact, since the thymus gland is some part of the chest that produces things for the immune system, like T cells.

    We can also take out the thyroid gland as that does something with growth and metabolism.

    So, it leaves us with B as a best answer. Search up the "Endocrine System" at "KidsHealth . org" and go to page 4 in it. It talks about that gland, and how it produces TESTOSTERONE, the main factor in producing acne, or pimples e3e

    So yea hope this all helps you dudes with this question :D

    posted by A Dude
  11. Trinity is correct, and 16 is B. Thanks Jake and Trinity. :)

    posted by Iris
  12. I just came on here to see if my answers were right, and they were! Thanks @Jake for posting the question and thanks @Trinity @MsHemmoPenguin for giving the answers! Thanks guys! Peace✌🏽️

    posted by Mac N 🧀
  13. Trinity is right I made a 95% because on 16 she didn't have it so 16 is B Thank you so much!!

    posted by Anonymous
  14. Trinity IS right, and 16 IS the letter B! Trust me, it's reproductive gland. You'll regret it if you don't choose hers and not get a 100.

    I accidentally chose D instead of C for #6, which was MY fault for not thoroughly checking, but I still got a 95.2%! A solid A+!

    posted by newbie
  15. Trinity is correct and 16 is B 100%

    posted by Mee
  16. trinity is correct I did the test and got a 100% good job trinity

    posted by helper

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