Multiplying Rabbits
Suppose that a pair of rabbits produces six offsrping: 3 males and 3 females. Assumes that no offspring die.

1. If each pair of rabbits breeds only once, how many offspring would be produced each year for 5 generations?

2. Construct a graph of your data. Plot time on the x-axis and population on the y-axis. What type of growth is the rabbit population going through after 5 years? (I just want to know how it would look like)

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  1. If there are 6 offspring, with 3 male and 3 female, then there are 3 pairs. If each pair produces 6 offspring then there will be 18. That then makes 9 pairs. That would be 54 rabbits or 27 pairs. If each of the 27 pairs produce 6 offspring there would be 162 offspring. This would leave 81 breeding pairs, which would make a total of 486 rabbits in the 5th generation.

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