Trig application

I'm having trouble with this trig application. The scenario goes:

A ferris wheel has a diameter of approximately 65 meters. Assume it takes 110 seconds for the ferris wheel to make one complete rotation. find the angular speed of the ferris wheel in radians per minute and linear speed of the ferris wheel in miles per hour. Show work so I can understand.

I know that

1 mile = 1609 meters
s= r θ
diameter is 65 meters

asked by Jane
  1. the angular speed is clearly

    2πrad/110s = π/55 rad/s * 60s/min = 60π/55 = 12π/11 rad/min

    the linear speed is thus

    2π(65/2)m/rev * 1rev/110s = 130π/220 = 13π/22 m/s

    I assume you can tackle converting that to mi/hr

    posted by Steve

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