Gold-198 with a half life of 2.6 days is used to diagnose and treat liver disease. Write a half life decay equation that relates the mass of au-198 remaining to time in days.

What percentage of a sample of Au-198 would reamin after 1 day, 1 week?

Given the information, I could only find the value off t in the equation A=Ao(1/2)^t/h

How am I supposed to solve this question?

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  1. the remaining fraction after t days is

    f(t) = (1/2)^(t/2.6)

    Your equation is exactly right.

    After 1 day, f(1) = (1/2)^(1/2.6) = 0.766 = 76.6%
    After 1 week, f(7) = (1/2)^(7/2.6) = 0.155 = 15.5%

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