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Don't You Push Me Down
Words and Music by Woody Guthrie

Well you can play with me
And you can hold my hand.
We can skip together
Down to the Pretzel man
You can wear my mommy's shoes
Put on my daddy's hat
You can even laugh at me
But don't you push me down.

Don't you push me, push me, push me,
Don't you push me down,
Don't you push me, push me, push me,
Don't you push me down.

You can play with me.
We can play all day.
You can use my dishes
If you'll put them away.
You can feed me apples
And oranges and plums.
You can even wash my face,
But don't you push me down.

You can play with me.
We can build a house,
You can take my ball
And bounce it all around.
You can take my skates
And ride them all around.
You can even get mad at me,
But don't you push me down.

Can anyone tell me what's the meaning behind these lyrics?

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  1. What do you think they mean? You can play with me, but don't push me down. What does it mean to push someone down? Is it meant literally, like pushing another kid on the playground so that he/she falls down? Or is it a metaphor for pushing someone down the economic/social ladder?

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