Language Arts

Directions: replace the bold faced word with a contraction.

1. We will(bold faced) see you t the English class next week!
Answer: We'll

2. There is (bold faced) no milk in the refrigerator.
Answer: There's

3. There will (bold faced) be time to chat later.

4. It is (bold faced) raining today.
Answer: It's

5. I think it will (bold faced) snow later.
Answer: It'll

6. I was not (bold faced) home last night.
Answer: Wasnt't

7. The store will not (bold faced) open early.
Answer: Wouldn't

8. James and Joe have not (bold faced) left yet.
Answer: haven't

9. You should not (bold faced) cheat.
Answer: shouldn't

10. Joe has not (bold faced) taken out the trash yet.
Answer: hasn't

Please be so kind as to double check the answers and assist me on anything that I have wrong.

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asked by Patrick
  1. Yes, they are correct, except for 3. 3 is There'll

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  2. Ty. I was somewhat confused on number 3 and thought that it would be They'll. Can you explain why it is there'll?

    Thank you

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    posted by Patrick
  3. Yes for 3.

    6 is wasn't
    7 is wrong

  4. They'll is a contraction of they will.
    There'll is a contraction of there'll.

  5. Thank you Ms. Sue now I understand the difference

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    posted by Patrick
  6. :-) You're welcome, Patrick.

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