Social Studies Ms. Sue

1. What was "king" and the main topic of conversation in the South?
a. politics
b. sugarcane
c. cotton*
d. slavery

2. Because many Southerners were unwilling to sell slaves to raise funds to build factories, they had no money to invest in businesses. Another name for this type of money is
a. stocks
b. bonds
c. capital*
d. business means

3. A shortage of what would have devastating consequences for the South during the Civil War?
a. canals
b. railroads*
c. rivers
d. roads

4. How did demand for cotton help shape the economy of the South?
a. The South focused on expanding industries to manufacture cotton clothing.
b. The South focused on expanding the production of cotton as a raw material.*
c. Southerners only produced cotton as a raw material on their plantations.
d. Southerners reduced the number of slaves working on their plantations.

5. Which of the following was NOT a reason why there was less industrial development in the South than in the North?
a. because the rockiness of southern land made it difficult to develop railroads
b. because there was a lack of capital in the South
c. because agricultural production of cotton was so profitable, there was less incentive to develop industry*
d. because the market for manufactured goods in the South was smaller than in the North

asked by Jensen
  1. Ms. Sue isn't here yet today. All your answers are correct.

    posted by Reed
  2. Ok thanks a bunch!

    posted by Jensen
  3. For those who need help on this, #5 was not c., it's a.

    posted by Jensen
  4. Yes, you are right. NOT a reason. Rocky soil is not a problem in the South. I'm sorry I didn't catch that.

    posted by Reed

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