Social Studies

I need someone to Pls. check my answers!
1)What event caused four additional southern states to secede from the union?
A:The U.S. accepted West Virginia as a state?**
B:The south fired on fort sumter
C:Lincoln declared the Emacipation Proclamation.
D:Lincoln raised an army.

2)What did the south do with it's cotton in the early stages of the civil war?
A:put it in storage to sell later**
B:sold it to get money to fight the war.
C:burned it so the North wouldn't get it
D:left it in the fields because, their was none left to pick it.

3)Which of the following is considered the single bloodiest battle's of the war?

4)whcih civil war battle was the turning point in the east?

5)Why were slaves in Beafort and port royal not affected by the issuance of the emancipation proclamation?
A:they were already free
B:they didn't want to be free
C:they lived in areas under union control
D:they were property as defined by the U.S. constitution.**

Please help me I really need to pass this!! thanks!

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  1. I suggest you read your text materials instead of just guessing. You won't pass by guessing. All your answers are wrong.

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  2. ok I think #1 is C
    #2=B #3=C #4=A #5=C
    idk I am trying to do this test to. Can someone check my answers?

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  3. The correct answer for lesson 7: unit test Unit 2 the civil war, connexus
    Multiple Choice 1-7
    1 D
    2 A
    3 C
    4 A
    5 C
    6 D
    7 C

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  4. Is Yup! right?

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  5. yup! is right gang

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  6. Yup! Is 100% on the 7 multiple choice for lesson 7 unit 2

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  7. 1. D
    2. A
    3. C
    4. A
    5. C
    6. D
    7. C
    8. North
    9. North
    10. North

    Do not copy and paste this answer, re-write it in your own words so you don't get in trouble.

    11. The freedmen faced many challenges, only 9/10 freedmen could read or write, and it was incredibly difficult for these men to get jobs. The Freedmen's Bureau was created to advocate for the freeing of slaves, and to then assist those freedmen.

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