John is twice as old as his friend peter.peter is 5 years older than 5 years John will be three times as old as Alice .how old is peter now?

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asked by ganesh
  1. Alice --- x
    Peter --- x+5
    John ---- 2x+10

    5 years from now:
    John -- 2x+15
    Alice -- x+5

    2x+15 = 3(x+5)
    -x = 0
    x = 0

    This question is bogus, even though the answer meets the original conditions.
    Unless Alice was just born, it makes little sense

    Alice -- 0 years
    Peter --5 years
    John -- 10 years

    in 5 years:
    Alice = 5
    Peter = 10
    John = 15 ---> John is indeed 3 times as old as Alice

    Check your typing of it, or the question itself

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    posted by Reiny
  2. 5 years

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    posted by Vivian

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