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1.the north pole of a permanent magnet is attracted to a south pole

2.iron,aluminum, and nickel are all ferromagnetic materials

3.all permanent magnets are surrounded by a magnetic field

4.the direction of a magnetic field is indicated by the north pole of a compass.

5.magnets are used to amplify sound of a loudspeaker

6.magnetic field lines outside a permanent magnet originate from the north pole and end on the south pole.

7.when a permanent magnet is cut in half,one piece will be a north pole and one piece will be a south pole

8.the magnetic force on a charged particle in a magnetic field is a maximum if the particle is stationary

9.the magnitude of the magnetic force that acts on a charged particle in a magnetic field is independent of the sign of the charge

10.a charged particle is moving in a uniform,constant magnetic field.the magnetic force exerted on the particle increases the speed of the particle.

11.a proton traveling due east in a region that contains only a magnetic field experiences a vertically upward force away from the surface of the earth (the x-y plane).the direction of the magnetic field is towards north. electron traveling due north enters a region that contains a uniform magnetic field that points due east will be deflected down (onto the plane).

13.a proton is traveling south as it enters a region that contains a magnetic is deflected downward toward the earth (the plane) if the direction of the magnetic field is westward. electron traveling horizontally enters a region where a uniform magnetic field is directed into the plane of the paper as shown.the motion of the electron once it has entered the field is upward and circular.

[x x x x x]
[x x x x x]
[x x x x x]
[x x x x x]

15.two electrons are located in a region of space where the magnetic field is zero. electron A is at rest; and electron B is moving westward with a constant velocity. A non-zero magnetic field directed eastward is then applied to the region. after the field is applied electron A will remain at rest while electron B will continue to move westward. electron is moving with a speed of 3.5x10^5 m/s along +x axis when it encounters a magnetic field of 0.60T. the direction of the magnetic field makes an angle of 60.0 degree with respect to the velocity of the electron, onthe same plane. the magnetic force on the electron is 2.9x10^-14 N, out of the plane.

17.a long,straight wire carries a 6.0-A current that is directed in the positive x direction. when a uniform magnetic field is applied perpendicular to a 3.0 m segment of the wire,the magnetic force on the segment is 0.36 N,directed in the negative Y direction. the magnitude and direction of the magnetic field 0.020 T, onto the plane.

18.a current-carrying, rectangular coil of wire is placed is placed in a magnetic field. the magnitude of the torque on the coil is not dependent to the direction of the current in loop.

A wire is bent into the shape of a circle of radius=0.10m and carries a 20.0A current in the direction shown.

^ / ^
| ./ |


19.the direction of the magnetic field at the center of the loop is onto the plane.

20.the magnitude of the field at the center of the loop is 1.3x10^4T.

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  1. So where are your answers?

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  2. i have no answers for this help me please!please DAMON please help me.

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  3. Shelle or Clifford or whoever you are. No one is going to do your test for you.

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