3. Support for the Mexican-American War are most closely connected with support for which of these ideas?

A.) Manifest Destiny****
B.) Transcendentalist Movement
C.) Great Awakening
D.) Monroe Doctrine

4. Read the information below:
During the 1820's and 1830's, many people settled in Texas and California. The territories were part of Mexico. Some thought the United States should annex those territories. The territories were soon independent of Mexico. They became part of the United States.

Which of the following supports this passage?

A.) Mexico and the United States claimed different national boundaries until the 1840's
B.) Mexico did not have every tight control over its northern
C.) Texas and California needed U.S. military aid to gain independence from Mexico****
D.) Texas and California were only sparsely populated before the 1820's

3.) A
4.) C

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asked by TESSA
  1. 3.) A - yes
    4.) C - no

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  2. So if 4 is not C what is it? I don't understand.

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    posted by TESSA
  3. If 4 is not C then is it D?

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    posted by TESSA
  4. Not C either. You're on your own now. Be sure to read that passage again.

    Please do not post this question again.

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  5. ok thank u

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    posted by TESSA

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