16.)What was an effect of the California Gold Rush in 1849?

A.)Many people discovered gold, became rich, and established multiple mining towns in California.***

B.)The president authorized the forced removal of the Sioux tribes in California where gold was discovered.

C.)An influx of settlers from the U.S. and the world led to the growth of numerous cities in the West.

D.)Conflicts between U.S. settlers and foreign miners from China and Europe resulted in military action.

I PICK "A' but if Im wrong then my 2nd answer is C THEN

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  1. Although two of my ancestors went to the Gold Rush, they only brought back enough gold to buy farms in the Midwest. They did not get rich.

    C is the best answer.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Both A and C are correct, in a way. Many people did get rich from the Gold Rush, but not so much from finding gold lying on the ground, as Ms. Sue accurately says. Many towns were established, so that is true. People got rich from supplying the mines and miners with equipment, entertainment, clothing, lodging, and banking what money did come from the mines.

    It did cause a huge infflux of settlement in the west (California in particular). San Francisco had a population of under 1,000 in 1848, and had boomed to some 20,000 by 1850.

    C is probably the best answer here, but I have no idea what Connexus will consider correct.

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