Name the angle that is supplementary to <COD

Classify the triangle with angles with the measures 33,90, and 57 as acute, right, or obtuse

Sandra is making the shape of a rhombus the first three angles are 75, 75, and 105 what is the measure of the fourth angle

Similar polygons are ___________ The same shape

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  1. omg... this doesn't answer any of ur questions but I find it funny that this was posted tomorrow of LAST YEAR, and I'm finding it a year later, the day before it was posted... O.o

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  3. 1. D. BOA
    2. B. Right (I think)
    3. A. 105
    4. B. Sometimes
    Sorry I didn't answer sooner I just found this question.

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  4. play the game bo3 or blak ops 3

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  5. you guys dosent answer any of those questions

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  6. that makes no sense

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