3rd Grade Math

I thought the simple answer would be 150-70=80 too but, the problem states that she has 70 more nickles than dimes.
So, I was thinking that the answer would be 40 dimes and 110 nickles-which adds up to 150 and 110 is 70 more than 40 but, I don't know how to explain this to my son. I'm probably making this harder than it actually is. Thanks so much for all the help.

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asked by Kathy
  1. It would be sooo easy to explain using Algebra, but Algebra in grade 3 ????

    in algebra:
    let the number of dimes be D
    so the number of nickels would be D+70

    then D + D+70 = 180
    2D = 80
    D = 40
    then dimes is 40
    nickels is D+70 = 40+70 = 110

    Now if you explain that somehow in simple English .... ??

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    posted by Reiny
  2. You're right! I goofed!

    She has 40 dimes and 110 nickels.

    I'm glad that Reiny showed us how to do it with algebra. I don't know how to explain it to a third grader.

  3. Yeah, algebra would be so easy but, I think it is supposed to be a simple Addition/Subtraction answer because that is what they're working on right now. He had another problem that said there are 40 people at a picnic. There are 4 more children than adults. How many of each are there? I just had him to add numbers that added up to 40 and then see if one of the numbers was 4 more than the other and he had no problem coming up with 18 and 22 so, that is the reason that I think this problem should be solved the same way. Guess, I'll send a note to his teacher and let her explain it to us. Thanks for your help.

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    posted by Kathy
  4. Thanks for your help. I don't know how to explain it to him either. I guess I'll just send a note to his teacher and have her to explain. Bad thing is-they're having a test on this tommorow.
    He had another problem where it said there are 40 people at a picnic. There are 4 more children than adults. How many of each are there? He just added numbers that added up to 40 and then checked to see if one of them was 4 more than the other and he came up with 18 and 22 so, I'm thinking that this nickle and dime problem should be solved the same way. Boy, the things that they want kids to know at an early age now days. Thanks again for your help.

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    posted by Kathy
  5. Partial sum methods 100s 10s 1s. New mother needs help with this. Daughter did not bring home refference book for me to understand her new way of math. I need to understand her so she is not frustrated
    she talks about going down and different lines. ?????

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    posted by Kristy
  6. okay for 245+92 you do 5+2=7 so put the 7 under the 2.then 9+4=13 put the three under th 4 and carry the one to the two.lastly, put 2+1= 3 so your answer is 337

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    posted by Shelby
  7. estimate 339

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  8. if d=40 then you do d+70 it would mean 40+70 and then you would just add it up and you get 110.its easy im in 5th grade.

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  9. ozxlfe ymgx sqtvoc syat adlvk qazouwk qwbco

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  10. Is 8,000 mL greater than or less than 7L

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    posted by Garrett
  11. there are 40 people at a picnic there are 4 more chi
    ldren than adults how many of each are there

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