The decibel level of a sound is given by dB=10log(EE0), where E0=10−12wattsm2 and E is the intensity of the sound.
(a) Find the intensity of a 80-decibel sound.
E= watts per square meter.

(b) How many times more intense is the sound from (a) than a 50-decibel sound?
A sound at 80 decibels is ____ times more intense than a sound at 50 decibels.

(c) The loudness (perceived volume by the human ear) of a sound of d decibels doubles each time the intensity of a sound increases by a factor of ten. To the human ear, how many times louder does a 80-decibel sound seem than a 50-decibel sound?
A sound at 80 decibels sounds______ times louder than a sound at 50 decibels.

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  1. Your E's are confusing.
    And what about that E0 = 10-12wattsm2 ??

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