A football game costumarily begins with a coin toss to determine who kicks off. The referee tosses the coin vertically upwards with an initial velocity of 5m/s and it takes 1.02s for it to be in the air. In the absence of air resistance
1.How high does the coin go above its point of release?
2.How long does it the coin to reach its highest point?
3. How long after being thrown will the velocity of the coin be 2m/s upwards?
4. When will the displacement of the coin be zero?
5. When is the magnitude of the coins velocity equal to half its initial velocity?
6. When is the magnitude of the coins displacement equal to half the greatest height to which it rises?

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  1. 1. 0=5^2+2(-9.81)y

    2. 0=5+(-9.81)t

    3. 2=5+(-9.81)t

    4. 0=1.27+0t+1/2(-9.81)t^2
    The displacement =0 between 0.51s and 1.02s

    5. 1/2(5)=5+(-9.81)t
    between 0.25s and 0.77s

    6. y=1/2vt
    between 0.25s and 0.77s

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