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In which sentence is a pronoun used as a direct object?

A. The stars of the play were Pablo and me.

B. My dad gave me his old watch.

C. Nan invited my sister and I to her party.

D. Ask me no more questions, please

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asked by Sydney
  1. Direct objects follow action verbs.
    Pronouns take the place of nouns. Some common pronouns are I, me, you, we, us, they, them.

    However, the one pronoun used as a direct object is incorrect.

  2. Which pronoun is used incorrect?

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    posted by Sydney
  3. C. Nan invited my sister and I to her party.
    The direct objects are sister and ME.

    A. does not have a direct object. The verb is a linking verb, making Pablo and me predicate nominatives.
    B. The indirect object is me, and the direct object is watch.
    D. The indirect object is me, and the direct object is questions.

  4. I just submitted it and the correct answer was D.

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    posted by Sydney
  5. D is not correct. See above.

    Please ask your teacher about that answer.

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