In the figure, the two blocks are attached by a massless rope over a frictionless pulley, and block M1 slides on the table without friction. The masses of the blocks are: M1 = 8.10kg and M2 = 3.90kg. Calculate the tension in the rope. ( g = 9.80 m/s2)

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  1. so M2 hangs over the side?

    f = m a ... a = f / m
    ... the blocks have the same a

    (g - t) / M2 = t / M1

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  2. total mass = 8.10+3.90 = 12.0 kg

    gravitational force = 3.90*9.81 = 38.3 N
    f = m a
    a = 38.3/12 = 3.19 m/s^2

    38.3 - T = 3.90 a = 3.90(3.19)

    T = 38.3 - 12.4 = 25.9 Newtons

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