Richa spends 1/4 of pocket money on chocolates,1/8 on pencils.At the end she had R's 40 left. How much did she have at the beginning?
Many solved 25 questions of his math assignment.This was 1/8 of total questions. He does not know 1/5 of the rest. How many questions were there in all? How many did he not know?

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  1. started with x

    amount spent = (1/4)x + (1/8)x
    = (3/8)x

    leaving her with (5/8)x

    5x/8 = 40
    5x = 320
    x = 64

    Follow the same kind of reasoning for the 2nd question.
    Let me know what you did.

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  2. Thanks a lot.

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  3. wait so what is the answer for the 1st question. I got 55

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