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1. Which is not a characteristic of the Group 1 alkali metals?

A. high densities
B. low melting points***
C. found in batteries
D. silvery solid

2. Which of the following is true of the Group 2 alkali earth metals?

A. They are less dense than the Group 1 alkali metals
B.They have a lower melting point than Group 1
C.They are reactive, but not as reactive as the alkali metals***
D. Lithium and sodium are members of this group

3. Elements in Groups 13–18 are unique because

A. a single group can have members that are solids, liquids, and gases
B. a single group can contain metals, nonmetals, and metalloids
C. neither a or b
D. both a and b***

asked by Anon.
  1. 1 a
    2 c
    3 d

    posted by AnsweRs
  2. 100% Thanks.

    posted by Anon.

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