1. Which property is NOT a characteristic of a parallelogram?

A. Opposite sides are not congruent
B. All angles are congruent**
C. Opposite sides are parallel
D. Opposite angles are congruent

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  1. b is correct. Now your math teacher has made a great gramatical error with answer A, it is also correct because of a double negative.
    Read this: The property that is NOT characteristic of a parallelogram is opposite sides are not congruent.
    That is true. Property that is characteristic of a parallelogram is that opposite sides are congruent.

    One has to be on the lookout for double negatives.

    Go with B. The bad in Answer A is due to your teachers written grammar.

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  2. is this answer right letter B?

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  3. yes, this answer is correct

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  4. Answer a for me is "Opposite sides are congruent."

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