Studying for Calc

I have a quiz on derivatives coming up and I really want to do well, but i'm not sure how to go about studying calc. i have no trouble studying for other subjects, but i'm doing poorly in calc and i need to make some changes in my study habits. any suggestions? i usually work problems and rewrite my notes, but this doesn't seem to be enough.

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  1. Check out all the test-taking sections in here to see if there's anything helpful: and

    In here, take the self-assessment survey (bottom), and then explore the other sections:

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  2. For me, working presolved problems was the most effective study method. Take a look at Schaum's Outline Series, College calculus...available at any college bookstore, or Barnes Noble. Take a look at them.

  3. One thing to keep in mind when reading ideas about how to improve your studying: Don't try too many new things at once. Find only one idea (or maybe two ideas) to work on, and really make it good. Then you'll be able to do well in that one area. If you try too many things at once, you'll frustrate yourself.

    The BEST study skills improvement plan is in the second link, but remember that it's really supposed to be sequential. After taking the self-assessment, you should work your way through the "Lessons" under Course Material -- and don't rush. Building good study skills and habits takes time and repetition.

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