Chemistry 101

The mileage for a motorcycle with a fuel tank capacity of 22 liters is 35 miles per gallon. The density of gasoline is 0.74 g/cm^3.(dimensional analysis problem)

a). How long a trip, in KM can be made on a full tank of gasoline?

b). if the price of gasoline is $1.99 per gallon, what would the gasoline for the trip be?

c). if the average speed during the trip is 44 miles per hour, how many hours will the trip take?

d). What is the mass, in grams of the fuel in the tank?

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  1. a. I would convert 35 mpg to km/L. I obtained 14.88 km/L but you should confirm that.
    Then distance = km/L x 22 L = ?

    b. 1 gallon = 3.785 L.
    $1.99/gallon x (1 gallon/3.785 L) x 22 L = ?

    c. Take the km from part a, convert to miles, then
    44 mi/hr x #hr = total miles
    Solve for # hr.

    d. mass = volume x density
    volume = 22 L = 22,400 mL
    You have the density.
    Calculate mass in grams.

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