Language Arts

Underline the pronoun that correctly completes each sentence:

1. Ants use (theirs, their) antennae for touch and smell.
Underline their
2. That nest under the tree is (their, theirs)
Underline theirs
3. An ant has two stomachs in (its, our) abdomen.
Underline its
4. One stomach stores food for other ants to share, and another stomach holds (it's, its) own food.
Underline it's
5. The queen is larger than the other ants, and (her, hers) body is an egg factory.
Underline her
6. All the worker ants are sterile, so the egg-laying task is all (her, hers)
Underline hers
7. A male ant lives apart from the colony and plays (his, theirs) part by mating with the queen.
Underline his
8. I sometimes get ants in (my, hers) house.
underline my
9. The house with purple trim is (my, mine).
Underline mine
10. Don't have (your, their) picnic next to an ant colony.
Underline your

Please be so kind as to double check my answers and let me know if I have anything wrong.

Thank you

asked by Patrick
  1. 4. it's = it is

    The rest are right.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. So for number four then I would have to underline its.

    Thank you for checking this Ms. Sue

    posted by Patrick
  3. Yes.

    You're welcome, Patrick.

    posted by Ms. Sue

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