Forensic science

1.Some people believe that certain drugs such as marijuana should be legalized. Do you agree or disagree? What impact might legalization have on forensic science as a field?
for the first one I think that marijuana should not be legalized because people can mistreat the drug. for the next question im not sure what kind of impact it will have on forensic science.

2.Which drug presents the greatest challenges to forensic science? Why? for this one I think its marijuana because its a popular drug

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  1. Would the effects of misusing marijuana be greater than other drugs? Marijuana is also used for medical reasons, and people can misuse any drug.

    What way is marijuana related to forensic science? How is it currently affecting it?

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  2. 1.I think that marijuana should not be legalized because people can mistreat the drug. If they don't legalize marijuana it will have a great impact because when someone is arrested for marijuana possession, the forensic scientist must be able to prove that the drug was marijuana Maybe if marijuana wasn't legal the scientist wouldn't have to do this so offend.

    2.I think crack because its a popular drug

    is this good

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    posted by anonymas
  3. I disagree with the belief that certain drugs such as marijuana should be legalized. I think that legalization of the drugs would make it easier on the scientist because then they wouldn't have to identify it because then it would be legal.

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