Find the inverses of each of the functions below algebraically.



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  1. p(r) or p = 2r2 + 2r - 1

    p = 2(r+0.5)2 - 1.5

    r = 2(p+0.5)2 - 1.5

    (r+1.5)/2 = (p+0.5)2

    +-sqrt[(r+1.5)/2] = p + 0.5

    p-1(r) = -0.5 +- sqrt[(r+1.5)/2]

    After testing, only right-hand side works. Hence p-1(r) = -0.5 + sqrt[(r+1.5)/2]

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  2. can you find the other one aswell please

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  3. Virtual high school right?

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