I've selected the poem The Casual Ward by Sir Luke Fildes which shows the poverty of the time period due to the industrial revolution.

I would like to start off my paper with an introduction to the Industrial Revolution and list the positive and negative effects.
Here are some ideas that I have so far. If you have a good website that might be helpful that would be great! I've googled, but haven't really stumbled across anything that I would have an easy time of putting into my own words.

more money for the upper class
easier to produce goods
quicker to produce goods
cheaper goods
progress for society

poor working conditions
lots of child labor
low wages
overcrowded cities

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  1. I didn't find a poem by this name, but I did find this painting.


    You've compiled an impressive list. The only idea I'd add is that the industrial revolution encouraged imperialism as the industrial countries sought raw materials and labor from their colonies.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. There are some great articles here.

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