Which of the following is not an atom found in household bleach (Na0CL)?
1) Sodium (Na)
2) Chlorine (Cl)
3) Hydrogen (H)
4) Oxygen (O)

My answer it's 4 correct me

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  1. But you show Na O and Cl

    (but you show O as 0
    Sodium Hypochlorite has oxygen in it, not zero)

    the only one left is H

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  2. Thanks! Damon is right :)

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  3. Damon's right it's Hydrogen

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  4. I have the same question but different choices

    A. sodium (Na)

    B. chlorine (Cl)

    C. Carbon (C)

    D. oxygen(O)


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  5. its carbon or D

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  6. B
    These are the answers for the two comments posted above me

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  7. Data i right yall for Lesson 2: Atoms and Molecules
    40.0170001 Science 8 A Unit 2: Structures and Properties of Matter

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  8. Data Glitch is right!! I got a 100%

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