The author of “Hip-Hop Planet” describes the legend of the Great Rock of Toubab Dialaw in order to

a. describe an image of hope that is similar to hip-hop.***
b. show the lack of education of the people of Toubab Dialaw.
c. describe the setting of the Chez Las restaurant to give it context.
d. represent some non-French history in the story because the residents say they only learn French history.

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  1. 1.d
    for Lesson 9: Crossing Borders: Unit Test
    ENG 9 A 1002 Unit 5: Crossing Borders

    ace it.... >uO

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  2. Just so everyone is aware the question are different for everyone so i wouldn't copy ^-^

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  3. yee, i agree it the wink-y face above me.

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  4. ^ _ ^ s answers are wrong anyway dont trust em anyway. 11/20/2020

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  5. describe an image of hope that is similar to hiphop

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  6. I believe ur answer is correct.
    describe an image of hope that is similar to hip-hop.

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