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"How does the Bill of Rights reflect the principle of limited government? What are two individual rights protected by the Bill of Rights? Why would it be necessary to change the Constitution?"

The teacher never went over what the Bill of Rights was...

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asked by kms
  1. Maybe your teacher expected you to research and understand the Bill of Rights on your own. Study this site carefully.

  2. Thanks.

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    posted by kms
  3. You have three separate questions here. Start with looking up the Bill of Rights so you know what it is:

    You may also wish to read your text materials.

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    posted by Reed
  4. Also read this:

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    posted by Reed
  5. we want the answer not a site okay

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    posted by po778
  6. which of the following statements best reflects the rights of citizens that are protected by the bill of rights

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    posted by shadow

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