My homework is about identifying independent and dependent clauses
The sentence in () marks is the clause they're asking for.

1. The narrator's mother worked on her inventions at night, (after her husband fell asleep) - Dependent Clause

2. She would work on an idea, and then (she would bring it to one of her daughters for approval.) -Independent Clause

3. (When her daughters sought her advice), she seemed too busy to help. -Dependent Clause

4. The narrator usually enjoyed writing, but she disliked her latest writing assignment. -Independent Clause

5. The narrator was nervous (because she believed that public speaking left her open to ridicule by her classmates.) -Dependent Clause

6. (Until she read a book of poems by Whitman), she had no ideas for the speech. -Dependent clause

7. (His words inspired her), and she found herself writing the speech enthusiastically. -Independent Clause

8. When she presented the speech to her father, (his reaction was immediate and strong). - Independent Clause

9. (He thought the speech was disrespectful), and he forbade her to present it. -Independent Clause

10. (While the narrator's mother was supportive of her daughter), she also understood the father's position. -Dependent Clause

Thank you

asked by Sophia
  1. There are no parentheses for sentence 4, but both clauses in that sentence are independent.

    All the others are correct.

    posted by Writeacher
  2. #4 was
    The narrator usually enioyed writing, but(she diliked her latest writing assignment.) -IC

    Thank you for your time and help!

    posted by Sophia

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