A line crosses the y-axis at (0,4) and has a slope of -2. Find an equation for the this line.
A) y = 2x + 4
B) y = -2x + 4
C) y = -2x - 4
D) y = -4x + 2 <--

6)Write the equation of the line with the given slope and y-intercept.

slope = 5
y-intercept = 8
A) y = 5x + 8
B) x = 5y + 8 <--
C) y = 8x + 5
D) x = 8y + 5

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  1. neither is correct.
    Y=slope*x + yintercept

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  2. slope of -2. !!!!!!!!!!
    THAT means m = -2
    in y = m x + b
    y = -2 x + b

    moreover you are told that when x = 0, y = +4

    The second one is correct

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  3. sorry, you have x and y reversed in the second one.

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  4. @bobpursley thanks.
    @Damon so the 2nd one is B, and for the first one its B. -2x + 4

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  5. no wait is 2x+4.

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  6. first one y = -2x + 4 which is B
    m = -2
    b = 4

    second one
    y = 5 x + 8
    which is A

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