Algebra 2

Perry can fill a sorter with oranges from the conveyer belt in 10 minutes. While Perry fills the sorter, Gillian takes oranges out of the sorter and puts them in shipping crates. With Gillian taking oranges out of the sorter, it takes 25 minutes for Perry to fill the sorter.

Which of the following can be used to determine the amount of time it takes for Gillian to empty the sorter if Perry does not add oranges?


Any and all help appreciated. Thank you!

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  1. ratePerry=1 belt/10 min
    rate combined=1belt/25 min

    Well, in 50 min, perry could fill 5 belts, and with gillian emptying, there are two belts left each 50 min. So gillian must be pulling out 3 belts /50 min
    or 1belt/(50/3min)=1/(1belt/16.6min)

    which tells us the belt could be emptied by Gillian in 16.6 min

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  2. Thank you! You were correct!

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