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which sentence uses the verb eat in the past perfect tense?

A) Sheila ate her lunch in the cafeteria
B) they eat lunch together every day
C) Douglas has eaten all the potato chips
D)The twin had eaten pizza before they arrived••

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asked by Amanda
  1. Correct.

  2. I believe is A because Eat and ate which one sounds like the past tenths

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    posted by Kiefer
  3. Remember God loves you guys dont be afraid to love him too

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  4. I don't believe in god dude...

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    posted by ...
  5. Lol woah ^

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  6. I'm taking the test rn and i'll give you the answers in a bit xox

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  7. Lesson 13: Writing the Rough Draft Unit 2
    Is this test right?

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  8. The answers are:
    Good luck to you all!

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  9. If you go to connexus and the lesson is
    13 Unit 2

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  10. Thank you, That Lonely Potato! I got 100%!

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  11. cool

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