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How did African Americans' slave quarters contribute in helping them build family ties and traditions?
A.)the huts were built around a shared space with a fire for cooking which allowed many families to be together and share ideas.
B.)African American men and boys would build the houses together,and they would share stories and traditions during the construction.
C.)African American slave quarters were just one big log home that they all shared which allowed the families to build strong bonds together.****
D.)The huts were built far away from each other,so many families would visit and stay together for several days at time and strong bonds.

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  1. The pictures I have seen of plantation life show rows of small slave cabins. I have a sneaking suspicion that (A.) s correct but your text book must tell you.

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  2. I don't get a text book for this subject

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  3. well, google slave plantations maybe

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  4. check out

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  5. I checked that out so the answer is a?

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  6. I would be inclined to go with A

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