Which answer BEST explains how the Articles of Confederation set up government roles for declaring war?
A.)Congress could declare war if needed****
B.)The states could declare war if needed
C.)Congress could propose war,but the states voted to approve the war
D.)The states could propose war,but congress voted to approve the war

Sonya writes an essay about children in the early 1800s:

Children in the early 1800s faced a lot of hard work. They usually had to help their families with household chores. These chores included gardening, sewing, and caring for other children. When their parents got sick, they had to do even more work to help their family meet its needs. Along with these chores at home, most children had long schooldays and a lot of homework.
Which statement corrects a mistake in Sonya's essay?
A.)Few children had to help their families with household chores. B.)Children were not considered responsible enough to care for other children.
C.)Early American children had lots of time to play and relax. D.)Most children were unable to attend school or receive an education.

U.S. Groups of the late 1700s and Early 1800s
.indentured servents
.native Americans
.African American
.working class
Which statement BEST summarizes the historical position of all groups listed above?

A.)All people in the United States are citizens.

B.)All people in the United States are free.

C.)The U.S. government represents everyone's needs.

D.)The United States has unequal economic opportunities.****

When the Framers of the Constitution decided to use population as a basic for tax rates, what debated issue was resolved?

A.)whether to take steps to limit the slave trade

B.)whether to allow states or Congress to tax trade***

C.)whether to elect the President directly or indirectly

D.)whether to count slaves in the population of the South

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  1. #s 1 and 3 are correct.

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  2. Remember all that about 4/5 of a person for each slave?

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  3. What do you mean Damon?

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  4. I think Damon means the 3/5 compromise.


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    Ms. Sue
  5. 1 and 3?

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  6. 1 is correct

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  7. this website is soo confusing lol

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  8. The first one is 100% right.

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  9. whoi the heck is mress sueeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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