1.The images above show particles in a medium. Which of the following shows the worst conditions for a sound wave to travel?

2.Which of the following correctly describes a radio wave?
A.long wavelength and high frequency
B.long wavelength and low frequency
C.short wavelength and low frequency
D.short wavelength and high frequency

3.When the energy of a light wave is transferred to a particle and causes it to vibrate and generate heat, the energy of the light wave is
A. absorbed
B. reflected
C. refracted
D. transmitted

4.On the light wave above, the property indicated by the arrow determines which characteristic of light?
A. brightness
B. speed
C. reflection
D. energy

5.How are sonar and ultrasound imaging technologies different?
A. They use different types of sound waves
B. They use sound to see places that otherwise cannot be seen
C. They are used for different purposes
D. They are used to examine things

6.Certain seismic waves travel as
A. electromagnetic and transverse waves
B. visible light and longitudinal waves
C. longitudinal and transverse waves
D. compression and visible light waves

7.What do some bats use to locate food and to navigate?
A. seismic waves
B. echolocation
C. radio waves
D. ultraviolet light

8.A broadcasting station sends information to your radio or television with
A. microwaves
B. ultrasound waves
C. mechanical waves
D. radio waves

9.Light waves strike a lamp shade. What property of light is demonstrated?
A. diffuse reflection
B. diffraction
C. refraction
D. regular reflection

10.The curies discovered which two elements?
A. radium and polonium
B. cesium and thorium
C. mercury and hydrogen
D. cadmium and francium

11.Why does the wave of light bend toward the normal as it enter water?
A. Water has a lower index of refraction than air, so the wave slows down
B. Water has a lower index of refraction than air, so the wave speeds up
C. Water has a higher index of refraction than air, so the wave speeds up
D. Water has higher index of refraction than air, so the wave slows down

12. 12 AM signals travel as changes in
A. the speed of the wave
B. the amplitude of the wave
C. the frequency of the wave
D. the loudness of the wave

13.Marie and Pierre Curie coined which term to describe the ability of certain elements to give off radiation spontaneously?
A. fluorescence
B. rarefaction
C. radioactivity
D. electromagnetic

14.Which letter shows the type of wave that can be used to see inside the human body?

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  1. I really don't know these besides 3 and im sure i might be wrong. I need to get over these lessons because i am way behind.

    my answers are:

    Like i said they may be wrong, but idk.I just really need help ASAP!!

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  2. i used ur answers and got 3 right :*

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  3. This is a little late but for any people that are looking for the answers to this..

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  4. A person is right i got a 100% thank you! i come to check my answers.

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  5. do not do XE kittys answers, they are wrong.

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  6. XDKitty says that they are his answers and that he might be wrong don't blame him, blame yourself for not reading the whole thing.

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  7. A Person is correct 14/14 100% Thanks

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  8. A Person is correct!!! Thanks SO MUCH

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  9. 1.D

    100% correct

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  10. For people who said 'XDKitty is wrong' they were the ones who posted this question and those were what they thought they were..

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  11. Phoebe is right

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  12. 1. D
    2. B
    3. A
    4. A
    5. C
    6. C
    7. B
    8. D
    9. A
    10. A
    11. D
    12. B
    13. C
    14. D
    These are 100% ;)

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  13. a person is 100% correct i just took it and got 100% but don't blame XDKitty~ for you not reading they did nothing wrong they just wanted to get there answers checked

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