I got (x^2)/(2)-x + C but that's not one of the answers

x - 1 + C

(x^2/2)-(x^3/3) + C

(x^4-x^3)/4x^2 + C

(x^2/2) -x + C

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asked by Henry
  1. ∫(x^3-x^2) dx/x^2 =∫(x^3/x^2-x^2/x^2)dx

    = ∫(x^3/x^2-x^2/x^2)dx

    = ∫(x-1)dx

    = (x^2/2) - x + c

    which is the fourth option and is also what you got

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    posted by Damon
  2. Oh shoot I misread my answer. Thanks

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    posted by Henry
  3. You are welcome.

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    posted by Damon

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