Precalculus- HELP!

The temperature in your house is controlled by a thermostat. The temperatures will vary according to the sinusoidal function:
f(x)=7sin(π/12(x-11))+33 where f(x) represents the temperature in degrees Celsius (°C) and x is hours since midnight. What is the temperature of your house at midnight?

a) 7°C
b) 16°C
c) 22°C
d) 31°C

I tried plugging in zero for x since no time had passed since midnight, but my result wasn't one of the answer choices. Thanks!!

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  1. hmmm
    think it means

    t = 33 + 7 sin [ (pi/12)(x-11) ]

    when x = 0
    we have sin [-11 pi/12]
    which is - sin [11*180/12] = -sin(165 degrees)
    = -.259
    t = 33 - 7(.259) = 31.2 degrees F

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