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A sector of a circle of radious 10cm and an angle 108° is bent to from a cone find the base radius

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  1. Your school subject is not the name of your school, it is the subject you are studying and have questions about. Please put that in the School Subject box so the appropriate tutor will see it.

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    posted by Reed
  2. Make two diagrams, one showing the sector in the original circle, and the second showing the cone

    It should be clear to you that the arc of the sector becomes the circumference of the base of the cone.

    arc/circumference = 108/360
    arc/20π = 3/10
    arc = 60π/10 = 6π cm

    let the radius of the cone base be r
    2πr = 6π
    r = 3

    the cone has a base radius of 3 cm

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    posted by Reiny

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