An experiment calls for 100ml of 0.1M copper(II) sulfate solution. Write a step-by-step procedure for a science teacher to make 100ml of 5M stock solution and the required diluted solution.

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  1. CuSO4 is 159.6 grams/ mol

    5 M would be 159.6*5 = 798 grams/1000 mL
    so we need
    79.8 grams to make 100 mL of 5M

    take one tenth of that solution, 10 mL
    and mix it with 90 mL of water
    to make
    100mL of .5 M

    take one fifth of that .5 M solution which is 20 mL and mix with 80 mL of water to make 100mL of .1 M

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